Our Denver Veterinary Hospital

Denver Veterinary Hospital

Vida Veterinary Care has been serving the pets and owners of Denver for over 50 years and have shown no signs of stopping soon. In that span of time, our Denver veterinary hospital has seen dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, reptiles, and much more come through the doors. We not only provide traditional, high-quality care and service to each pet and owner – our Denver veterinary hospital also provides emergency care during and after business hours to all patients, ending at midnight each night. We want you to feel comfortable bringing your pet to somewhere familiar instead of navigating a new place you don’t know. Whether you and your family pet need us in the day or night, we will be here for you always. Come and see us soon!

Our Veterinary Services

Vida Veterinary Care provides the following services for all pets:

  • Diagnostic services in the form of digital x-rays, ultrasounds, endoscopy, and in-house laboratory testing where we test your pet’s blood
  • Pet surgery, where we perform many procedures with a surgical laser, including repairing a ruptured ACL in your furry friends
  • Pet dental care, including teeth cleaning and polishing, fluoride treatments and x-rays done under anesthesia

Our Denver veterinary hospital also provides two treatment options to help alleviate pain for your furry friends in the form of acupuncture and laser therapy. Either one is beneficial if your pet is suffering from chronic pain that modern medicine isn’t fixing well.

During laser therapy, a beam of light is cast on a certain area of your pet’s body. It’s used to increase mobility, minimize joint stiffness, decrease swelling, and more.

During pet acupuncture, little needles will be inserted into your furry friend’s affected areas. They help stimulate healing inside the body and bring a great deal of pain relief. This treatment doesn’t only relieve pain, but also helps with weakness, constipation, and much more. It’s a technique that has been around for many years and will stay around to help many more pets.

If you want to bring your pet to Vida Veterinary Care, contact us at 303-757-5638 for an appointment.