Veterinary Services in Denver, CO & Centennial, CO

Emergency Vet in Denver and Centennial

At Vida Veterinary Care, we provide a wide range of incredible veterinary services for our patients at our animal hospital Denver, CO and our animal hospital Centennial, CO. Your pet’s care is so important to our team that all of the services we provide are designed to ensure that your pet receives the best and most complete care possible. Some of the veterinary services we provide include:

Emergency Care – We provide emergency care for pet emergencies until midnight every night

ACL Surgery – The surgical correction of one of the most common knee injuries

Acupuncture – A widely accepted practice of Eastern medicine used for treating inflammation, chronic pain, and other ailments

Anesthesia – Guaranteed comfort and peace-of-mind for pet owners: before, during, and after surgery

Dental – One of the most important aspects of your pet’s medical care: treatment of their oral cavity

Digital Radiography – Cutting edge technology for taking x-ray images of your pet

Endoscopy – A minimally invasive way to view the body, take tissue samples, or provide treatment

Exotic Pet Treatment – At Vida Veterinary Care, we welcome all species for care

In-House Lab Testing – We have a full-service laboratory on-site, allowing us to make a quicker diagnosis and treat your pet more effectively

Laser Therapy – State-of-the-art technology for managing pain, treating injuries, and speeding healing

Surgical Laser – An innovative way to conduct many surgeries, leading to less pain, faster healing, and better outcomes

Pet Wellness Care – Consistent wellness care keeps your pet fit and healthy for years to come

Vaccinations – Vaccines are an important part of your pet's preventive care plan

Spay and Neuter – This procedure gives your pet crucial health benefits and helps with pet overpopulation, too

...and more!

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