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Dog Teeth Cleaning in Centennial & Denver, CO, Pet Dentist in Centennial & Denver, CO

Your pet’s oral health is one of the most important parts of their overall health. When your pet’s teeth have tartar and plaque built up on their surfaces, the bacteria embedded can cause organ damage and dental disease, resulting in daily pain. Some of the reasons we often recommend professional cat and dog teeth cleaning and dental care to our patients are:

  • The presence of periodontal disease, which may manifest itself in the form of red gums,  infections, and receding gums
  • Excessive tartar buildup
  • Bad breath
  • Deep chips or cracks in the surfaces of teeth
  • Tooth loss

Many of these serious dental problems can be avoided through appropriate, ongoing cat and dog teeth cleaning and dental care. Identifying potential dental problems early can help us to prevent the advancement of serious oral conditions, allowing your pet to be pain-free and not have tooth loss. At each visit, we will evaluate the oral health of your pet and make recommendations for prevention and treatment. Call our Denver location at (303) 757-5638 or Centennial location at (303) 843-7222 to learn more.

Cat teeth cleaning Denver and Centennial, CO

Professional Dental Care for Your Pet

When your pet comes into our practice for a professional dental cleaning, the process includes:

  • General anesthesia to reduce your pet’s stress and discomfort during their procedure
  • Cleaning (above and below the gum line) using modern, safe ultrasonic scalers that our veterinarians and technicians have been specially trained to use
  • Polishing of each tooth
  • Fluoride treatments to help address inflammation, strengthen enamel, and reduce tooth sensitivity
  • Dental x-rays, when indicated, to evaluate the tooth under the gum line

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